How we take the British weather into our stride

We live in a country filled with uncertainty – who’s going to win X-factor? What will happen after Brexit? And of course, what on earth is the weather going to be like tomorrow? We know it can be unpredictable at the best of times, but we take the British weather in our stride when cutting your grass.

We’ve had it all: torrential downpours, seemingly never-ending snow, wind to shake the rafters and long-lasting heatwaves. All of which may put off even the boldest from venturing out into the garden to cut the grass, but at MegaMow, our professional grass-cutting team won’t be put off – we’re soldiers dedicated to mowing the lawns of homes across Tunbridge Wells, Haywards Heath, East Grinstead, Reigate, Horsham Uckfield, Crowborough, Red hill, Ashtead and Epsom to make sure you have one less job to do!


Our mulching lawn mowers are equipped to deal with the rain. They’re petrol powered so we don’t need to worry about trailing cables and their wide base means they can get a sure grip on the wet turf. As for our grass-cutting technicians, they’re don’t mind a little bit of rain!


You know those chilly days where you wrap up warm and venture outside as little as possible, running from your car door to house, fumbling with your keys so you can get out of the chill as quickly as you can? Well our professional grass-cutters are made of stern stuff and don’t let the cold weather bother them. We’ll come and cut your grass for you so you don’t have to worry about leaving the warm!

The only time we can’t cut your grass is when it snows, this is because our lawn mowers can’t get to the grass underneath the snow and driving conditions are dangerous for our grass-cutting operators. So, in the rare cases when it does snow, we’ll notify you by email that the service has been put on hold and will let you know a date when regular service resumes.

We all know that the British weather is unpredictable at the best of times, but at MegaMow we aim to add a bit of stability to your life, freeing up some of your precious time to enjoy the things that really matter. So regardless of what the weather brings, if you’ve booked us to cut your grass, expect us to turn up!

MegaMow – a modern grass-cutting service for modern, busy people.

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The MegaMow grass cutting service is currently available in Tunbridge Wells, Haywards Heath, East Grinstead, Reigate, Horsham, Uckfield, Crowborough, Red hill, Ashtead and Epsom