Lawn Care tips for the winter months

Lawn care during the Spring and Summer is key. But did you know that lawn care during the Winter months is just as essential if you want your lawn to flourish come the spring.

Think of frost as an insulating blanket for your lawn; you want to tuck your lawn into that frosty bed in the comfiest way possible so it can enjoy the most refreshing sleep. Here are our top lawn care tips to help your lawn through the colder months, ensuring it’s in great condition when we next see you in spring:

1. Give the mower a break

There’s a reason we don’t mow towards the end of the year: we just don’t need to! Over winter, grass tends to grow more slowly than in the warmer weather, so regular grass-cutting is not only unnecessary, but also risks exposing the base of the grass – the important bit – to the harsher weather conditions and putting it at risk. We could mow your lawn every week during December, but this would compromise the health of your lawn and there wouldn’t be much left to mow come March!

Instead, we recommend you only mow when necessary – just before the weather gets really cold! Cut your grass just slightly shorter than normal to stop excessive growth from trapping anything that might cause disease.

2. Rake it all in

Any leaves, twigs and debris left on the ground after autumn can easily become damp and retain water. When frost comes, it traps anything that was already on the ground, allowing any pests or bugs to flourish, possibly damaging the lawn.  In addition, any garden furniture, toys or objects such as large logs that you leave out may leave a dead patch later when moved later in the year, so be extra vigilant when tidying the garden for winter – put everything you can away!

3. Fertilise it

If frost and ice are the blanket, think of fertiliser as the hot-water bottle: Make the bed comfy for your lawn, make your lawn cosy and fertilise it if you can. It will thank you in the long run.

4. Air it out

If you can bear being out in the cold, you may want to aerate your lawn every so often over the winter. This will provide the roots with some air, maximising the potential for growth

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