Spring is finally here!

Spring officially starts this month, which means our lawn mowers will be kicking back into action as your grass starts to grow again. Remember to book a service with us to keep your lawn looking as healthy as possible.

It’s spring time

Spring officially started on the 1stMarch, that means a few important things for all our customers in Tunbridge Wells, Haywards Heath, East Grinstead, Reigate, Horsham, Uckfield, Crowborough, Redhill, Ashtead and Epsom. Firstly, the weather (hopefully) won’t be as miserable – average temperatures will rise from around 6 degrees to 12 degrees. Secondly, we’ll start to see more sunlight as the days grow longer. These two factors brought together mean one thing for your grass – growth!

Time to break out the lawn mowers

With spring upon us, expect lush, verdant lawns to return this March and in the following months – but your grass won’t look after itself; you need to keep on top of your lawn mowing to ensure your grass remains healthy and looks fabulous. We know that grass-cutting isn’t the most exciting job for you, but the MegaMow team are happy to help so that you can free up your time for other more important things.

We recommend you start off with us with one grass cut each week as your lawns begins to grow, keeping your garden manageable and helping to return nutrients to the soil with our mulching mowers so that you maintain healthy growth throughout the spring and getting your grass into good shape ahead of the more demanding summer months.

Spring is here, which means the weather will be changing – hopefully for the better! Improving weather means your grass will grow more quickly, so it’s important to keep on top of your grass-cutting so that your lawn remains healthy and beautiful.

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