Why we don’t cut your grass too short

You may think that to get the best-looking lawn you need to cut it very short. However, this isn’t something we recommend or do ourselves. This is because you may be damaging your grass if you cut it too short.

The science behind it

Cutting your grass too short can put a lot of stress on it and there’s a scientific reason behind this; the smaller the blades of grass are, the less chance they have to absorb the sun’s rays which could disrupt their process of photosynthesis that fuels their development. The less chance they have to develop, the higher the likelihood of your lawn dying on you.

Injuring your grass

If you mow your lawn too low, the crowns of the grass can be injured by your lawnmower’s blades, which causes a lot of problems. The crowns are the central structure from which the roots and the blades grow; if you cut the grass too short and damage the crowns, they then have to heal from the damage done whilst not having enough sunlight to do so. They are then also more susceptible to other issues like the increased growth of weeds.

Why keep it a bit longer

We always leave just a bit more on top of your lawn to combat the above issues. There are also other reasons for doing this too. For example, longer grass means a smaller susceptibility to drought; longer grass is stronger from being able to process more direct sunlight, making it more resistant.

So now you know why we prefer a longer lawn (not too long of course) in order to combat those nasty problems that could occur from being too zealous with the lawn mower.

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